GR8 DAY | Crossroads Addiction Recovery Support

A charitable organization to help provide addiction recovery support and services to those who have no means to pay for them.

Welcome to GR8 Day

Addiction is a cruel and heartless disease that can hijack all that a person holds near and dear. Recovery is an acutely individual journey that requires help and support focused the specific needs of that individual.

That kind of help is hard to find. It is a much more daunting task if circumstances have put you in the margins of our society. GR8 Day exists to help these marginalized people looking for assistance to build and support a recovery from addiction.

WECF Acknowledgement | Thank You

“The number of people calling me to get help with substance abuse is increasing. Often the person needing help is the adult child of one of our members no longer covered by the Employee Benefits Plan.”

Bruce Malcolm, Employee Family Assistance Programs, Unifor Local 444

“At a time when I wasn’t thinking that I could find the help I was looking for and was about to give up on myself, I found Crossroads. Tim wasn’t about to give up on me. He really helped me pull through this devastating period in my life. I wish everyone could take this program. It has so many benefits. I cannot express how truly grateful I am that this program was available through the We Can Help program to me at my time of need.”

Client of GR8 Day’s “We Can Help” program, Crossroads: Centre for Personal Empowerment

“We can have between eight and ten new people coming to Crossroads looking for help each week. Two out of three do not have the means to afford the counselling and the help they need.”

Tim Baxter, Executive Director, Crossroads: Centre for Personal Empowerment

Relapse Prevention Group Therapy


A weekly, two hour, Road Ahead group program to assist clients in maintaining a clean, sober and healthy life will be offered to clients. This structured relapse prevention program has an educational component followed by a professionally facilitated group support meeting.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Clients
on Drug Replacement Therapy


We will provide the cognitive behavioural therapy and support for clients on drug replacement therapy to make the changes needed in their lives to move past problematic ways of thinking and acting. We provide a 12-week program with two sessions per week.


Codependency Group Therapy for Women


We have observed a need in family members and loved ones of those dealing with addictions for help and support in living and moving forward with their lives. This 11-week group program is specifically aimed at women in codependent situations to help them develop the tools and
skills to regain their sense of self.